We are a group of concerned citizens representing almost every corner of San Clemente, brought together through a shared concern about what is happening in and around our neighborhoods.


The City of San Clemente in the past several
years has seen a major influx of group homes and treatment facilities (including sober living homes, detox houses, rehabilitation clinics, intensive outpatient treatment facilities and boarding houses) coming into residential neighborhoods with minimal regulation, oversight or concerns for the impact of the neighborhoods in which they are located.

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In 2014, the San Clemente Code Compliance Division knew of 44 addiction related group homes. Today, that number has doubled to more than 85.

Over concentration (or clustering) of these facilities in close proximity to one another (in one case, more than five on a single street) and lack of sufficient regulation have created problems for the local residents as well as the patients themselves.


Some of the problems are:

• Lack of regulation and oversight, causing large disparities in quality of care

• Increased proportion of neighborhood homes that have traditionally been owner-occupied are now being leased or purchased by for-profit corporations for use as addiction treatment centers or short-term sober living homes

• Overcrowded dwellings

• Unlicensed treatment facilities posing as sober living homes in order to avoid regulations

• Increased automobile traffic

• Parking issues

• Noise and disturbance-of-the-peace violations

• Secondhand smoke

• Ongoing drug use

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